Monday, August 4, 2008

wireless briefing session

On 30 n 31 August 2008, IT Division in collabration with Info n Multimedia Sec, SRC 07/08, managed to organise the wireless briefing and registration session. we got many positive and negative feedbacks regarding the session. some of the comments are, the time is not suitable because it was done during the class hour. besides, the 1 day session cannot cover the big amount of IIUM students. however, the situation is under control on the second day. ITD said, the reason for that is because of unsufficient number of staff from ITD. because of that, they asked the assistance from my secretariat to ease their work during that day..THANKS TO ALL VOLUNTEERS FOR YOUR GOOD CO-OPERATION AND GOOD SERVICES:)..MAY ALLAH BLESS US..:)

p/s: for those who have problems with their registration, feel free to go to ITD and visit for more information


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