Saturday, July 19, 2008

Latest information about wireless briefing

Students’ Representative Council 2007/2008would like to invite all of IIUM students to attend IIUM WIRELESS BRIEFING & REGISTRATION SESSION

Date / Day : 30th July 2008 / Wednesday
Time : Session 1 (10am - 12pm)
Session 2 (2.30pm - 5pm)
Venue : Cultural Activity Centre

Attendance is compulsory for all students including students who have attended previous wireless briefing. Students are required to bring along the following during the said event:
Laptop / Notebook (if any)
Student Smarcard(attendance will be recorded)

There will be booth exhibition from various ICT vendors.
Date/Day : 30-31 July 2008/ Wed & Thurs
Time : 10am-5pm
Venue : CAC
During the said event, cheap notebooks and ICT peripherals will be on sale exclusively for IIUM community. Among ICT vendors are :

For futher information, do visit


Dialogue for Students Leaders with Administration

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Welfare secretariat from SRC 07/08 was initiated a slot called as a Dialogue for Students Leaders with Administartion. The slot was attended by all KBS and MRC with staff of administration in IIUM. The slot is meant to discuss about problems faces by IIUM students in term of facilities, scholarship, security, and also their rights as a student.

The slot was conducted by the chaiperson of welfare sec. Bro Yusof Nor. Among the administration staff who attend the slot are our Deputy Rector of Students Affairs and Alumni, Ustaz Hamidon Abdul Hamid, Dr Akmal Khuzairy, Director of Student Development Division, Mdm Nuriah from FFSD, Madam Sakinah from Mahallah administration, Encik Wahab from security managment, Bro Nik Hazimin from Sponsorship unit, and also a staff from legal unit.

There are many 'hot questions' and 'hot suggestions' and also 'hot issues' that has been raised up by the students leaders during the slot. Some of the issues are:

  • Budget implication
  • Bureaucracy
  • Kulliyah Representative in SRC
  • CACP system
  • Security
  • Maintanence
  • Dress code
  • Transportation
  • Clinic
We from SRC, hope that this slot will give a great satisfaction to all the students leaders and take it as one medium of communication with administration. We also come out with some resolutions that has been submited to Ust Hamidon for his actions.We really hope that the administration will take an actions towards all the comments and suggestions. We will wait for the changes..InsyaAllah.:)

It is my pleasure to say that, the program was success and congrats to all welfare secratariat committees who work very hard to conduct this program. You guys have done a great job!!!:)
p/s: nak challenge info ke?:)

IIUM Towards Eco-friendly Food Packaging

-Long term use of polystyrene foam increases the risk of getting cancer-
"Styrene is a possible human carcinogen"
(WHO International Agency For Research on Cancer)

Friday, 18 July 2008

From now on IIUM will start to use natural palm fiber made food container called the "Eco Pack" in all cafetaria including in all students Mahallah. "It is important for the university to preserve the environment and maintaining good health quality among students and staff of IIUM" said Ust Hamidon, the Deputy Rector of Students and Alumni Affairs.
Research has found that polystyrene can increase cancer risk which is poisonous and takes decades to biodegrade. Therefore, using health safe and eco friendly food packaging can help to preserve natural green environment and toxic free.

IIUM is the third university in Malaysia to implement the use of Eco Pack after USM and UUM was initiated it. There are some complaints that we received regarding this packaging. The complaint is regarding the extra charge of 20sen should be paid when using the Eco Pack. However, for the sake of become healthy, we hope that all IIUM students and staff will understand the reason of changing it.

Here, i would like to give some tips for going Green

(Initiated by Facilities, Food & Services Department,IIUM
in collabration with SRC 07/08)

  1. Eat at the cafetaria. Finish your meal
  2. Use your own reusable food and drink container

  3. Save paper. Think before you print. Print on both sides of paper

  4. Switch off lights, fans and other electrical equipments when not use

  5. Walk, cycle and use public transportation more often

  6. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth

  7. Don't use screen saver. Turn of blank your monitor when not in use

  8. Buy products which you will use for a long time

  9. Use electronics facilities to store and read documents
  10. Practise the 4Rs (REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE)

'Say no for Polysterene' :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wireless Briefing & Registration Session

Students’ Representative Council 2007/2008

would like to invite all of IIUM students to attend the


Date : 30th July 2008
Day : Wednesday
Time : 9am- 5pm(Registration)
2.30pm-Launching ceremony by IIUM Rector
Venue : Main Hall (CAC)
Organizer : ITD
Please bring along your :
Own laptop
Matric card
Attendance is compulsory
“Advance Technology for Future Mind”

SRC TRIBUNE Ta'aruf Edition

SRC TRIBUNE (3rd Edition)

Information & Multimedia Secretariat

Viewed to the above title, what is actually the meaning of Information & Multimedia Secretariat? Why it is so important in SRC line up? The title 'Info' itself show the meaning of giving information and multimedia is closely related with computer, internet and technology itself. that is the interesting part of Info Sec.:)

We have our vision and mission in our planning throughout this semester.

As a centre of information to update students with current issues locally and
globally by using technology
Play a role to create students’ awareness
Promote SRC as a respected council in IIUM
Update students with current issues

People may ask, what are actually the task of Info Sec. Some of our jobscope are:
- Prepare for SRC newsletter(called as SRC Tribune),banners , corporate video, website and etc
- Publish all activities organized by SRC and getting all of the information relating to the students activities or movement through internet
- Establish good relationship with IT division
Our secretariat can be divided under 5 units, and each of the unit has it own tasks. The units are:
  • Newsletter unit
  • Banner unit
  • Website unit
  • Multimedia unit
  • Softboard unit

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Assalamualaikum to everyone..welcomes back to all IIUM students to the garden of knowledge and virtue..let us strive to be the best throughout the semester.don't forget to join our programmes throughout this semester..we promised it will be more exciting,insyaAllah..













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