Saturday, July 12, 2008

Information & Multimedia Secretariat

Viewed to the above title, what is actually the meaning of Information & Multimedia Secretariat? Why it is so important in SRC line up? The title 'Info' itself show the meaning of giving information and multimedia is closely related with computer, internet and technology itself. that is the interesting part of Info Sec.:)

We have our vision and mission in our planning throughout this semester.

As a centre of information to update students with current issues locally and
globally by using technology
Play a role to create students’ awareness
Promote SRC as a respected council in IIUM
Update students with current issues

People may ask, what are actually the task of Info Sec. Some of our jobscope are:
- Prepare for SRC newsletter(called as SRC Tribune),banners , corporate video, website and etc
- Publish all activities organized by SRC and getting all of the information relating to the students activities or movement through internet
- Establish good relationship with IT division
Our secretariat can be divided under 5 units, and each of the unit has it own tasks. The units are:
  • Newsletter unit
  • Banner unit
  • Website unit
  • Multimedia unit
  • Softboard unit


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